cruise parking Port Canaveral

To make the most of limited time in each destination, you’ll want to plan your port days in advance. Make sure to research each stop and learn about all the attractions available. You’ll be able to choose between booking a cruise-sponsored excursion, exploring on your own, or reserving a hybrid tour through a local provider. Being informed on your options ahead of time gives you a major advantage. You’ll be able to decide whether it’s worth it to book through the cruise line or save by scheduling your own day. With limited availability, popular excursions can also sell out quickly. So make sure to book any of those must-do tours in advance.

Unlike movie theaters, there are many cruise lines that will let your bring your own drinks (mostly non-alcoholic) onto the ship right in your luggage. No sneaking required! Yes, you may be more concerned about your alcoholic beverages, but you may not realize how much sodas and water cost on a cruise line, too. Save by supplementing your drinks on-board with fizzy pop and bottled water brought from home. Some cruise lines will even let you bring on a bottle of wine or champagne with your luggage – just not hard liquor. More info about Port Canaveral cruise parking.

When you drive to your cruise, baggage is easy to handle. Flying brings you those bag fees, the never-ending wait at the baggage carousel and the fight to haul a family’s worth of wheeled bags through a busy airport, but driving is so much simpler: pack the car, drive, give the porters the bags, park and go. That’s right, just pull up, show your cruise line’s porters your reservation paperwork and hand your bags off to them. You only have to worry about the bags once — when you pack them in the car — then they’re safely making their way to your room. (OK, you’ll have to worry about your bags twice, but on the way back, send someone for the car while the rest of the group waits with the luggage, then load up when your car comes around.)

Once you exit the ship, you’ll head downstairs towards customs. If you’ve tagged your bags to be picked up outside your room and delivered to your room, you’ll need to find them before going through customs. There are lots of bags, but the sections are well labelled so they are easy to find. I usually check bags for longer cruises, and carry my own for shorter ones. After you see the customs officials, you’ll walk out of the terminal to find the various transportation options. If you are taking the Disney transportation to the airport or the theme parks, they are very easy to find and run continuously.

Located directly off the SR 528 at exit #52, Park N Cruise is easily accessible, no matter where you’re traveling from. And once you’re at Park N Cruise, the trip is simple. Located only 2 minutes from all Port Canaveral cruise terminals, we get you to and from your ship faster than anyone else.