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Foursquare started as a social network in 2009 that let users “check in” at different landmarks and businesses. Since then, it’s adapted to the changing mobile scene and enabled search functionality, which includes business contact information.

And while it may seem like Foursquare wouldn’t have a big usership – Facebook lets you do the same thing, after all – they still have 45 million users after a huge rebound in 2013. Now, Foursquare has a database of 75 million businesses around the world that helps people find what they want on the go. In other words, if you have a physical storefront somewhere, Foursquare is a potential goldmine in foot traffic, especially if you’re in a city.

Foursquare recently launched a second app called Swarm, which gamifies local travel and businesses. It lets users check in at places, collect stickers, and earn points to beat their friends, kind of like Fitbit. With that in mind, you can use both of Foursquare’s properties to get more physical traffic to your company. Users can (and will) leave reviews about your business as well, but users tend to be focused more on their competition than your company.

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Know a good carpenter? Got a decent plumber? Used a speedy removal firm? We tend to rely on word-of-mouth to find reliable professionals, but what if your friends and associates don’t come up with the goods?

The increasingly popular route is to check out customer review websites. But how do you know which to trust?

Major sites such as Trustpilot and Feefo carry large numbers of reviews, including hundreds of estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage companies and removal firms, with customer experiences, good and bad. Both sites say they take exhaustive measures to ensure accuracy. Extra details on credits and loans customer reviews website

Consumers rely on online ratings to guide everything from restaurant choices to furniture purchases. One review might not be trustworthy, but when websites average their ratings together, the thinking goes, its score should reflect the “wisdom of the crowd” and accurately capture its quality.

Reviews are estimated to make up to 10% of the ranking factors in Google. Moz’s 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors demonstrate that organic local search gives a 7% weight to customer reviews, and this rises to 13% for local pack/finder ranking factors.