Guam property for an exotic change of your life style

Guam is a very expensive place to live because getting supplies on the island is difficult. That’s why hotel prices are higher and, for a longer stay, you should consider looking at rentals or even Guam Condo for sale deals. Moving permanently to Guam may be the best decision you ever made.

But staying for a few months or completely moving there is well worth the price. Let’s see some of the Guam’s attractions:

Puntan Dos Amantes (Two Lovers Point) – This is perhaps the island’s most famous visitor attraction, being seen by more people than any other attraction in Guam. Its figure at the northern end of Tumon Bay rises 368 feet from the reef beneath it with views of both the eastern and western sides of the island. Its location offers a unique view of the mountainous volcanic geography of the south and the limestone highland of northern Guam.

This cliff towering over Tumon Bay is perhaps the most legendary because of how it earned its name. According to the park’s website, “The story of Two Lovers takes place at a climactic moment in Chamorro history, when Spaniards take possession of Guam. For centuries, the Chamorro people have referred to the devotion of the 2 lovers as a metaphor for the resilience of their culture.”

Visit the Magellan Monument – Although not located in the precise spot where the explorer Ferdinand Magellan landed on Guam in 1521, the monument pays tribute to the intrepid explorer and his crew, who—quite literally—put the tiny island on the map. Check out the old fortress cannons and nearby Catholic church from the Spanish era ushered in by Magellan.

Get to know Guam’s sea life at Fish Eye Marine Park – Although the top deck of the Fish Eye Marine Park affords spectacular views of the ocean and Gaum’s mountain ranges in the distance, the real show is below sea level. Here, 24 windows allow visitors to meet over 200 species of fish that call Guam’s waters home as well as the coral reefs surrounding the island.

And even more…