How to choose the accommodation in Barcelona

How to choose the accommodation in Barcelona that best suits your needs? When you are planning your accommodation in Barcelona there are 3 key steps you have to take to make sure you make the right decisions.

1) Choose the type of accommodation that best suits your needs.

2) Find the right location for your accommodation.

3) How to find the cheapest price.

How to choose the most appropriate accommodation

Many people automatically think of a hotel as the first choice for their accommodation in Barcelona, ​​but the truth is that there are several options that would provide other advantages in addition to being cheaper than a hotel.

The main ones are as say:luxury apartments barcelona

1) Apartments

2) Aparthotels

3) Hotels, hostels, pensions.

The choice depends on the following factors


We have built a route hotel that links the hotel reviews to a map of Barcelona. This is one of the easiest ways to find and book your hotel accommodation.

What is the best accommodation for groups or families?

Are you coming to Barcelona as a family or as a group? If so, then an Aparthotel or an apartment can be the most profitable and offer several advantages compared to a hotel


What is an aparthotel?

The Aparthotel is really new in Barcelona. An aparthotel is a small apartment inside a hotel – hence its name.

The aparthotels offer an economical alternative for families or groups that want to be together, or for business people who can stay some time in Barcelona


The aparthotels usually have a room with a kitchen and a fridge that allows you to prepare and store food.


If you come to Barcelona with a group, it is definitely worth considering the aparthotels as an option.



An apartment is an economical alternative when you are 3 or more people. The other advantages of a hotel apartment are that it is generally quieter, you can prepare meals, and that you will not have cleaning service knocking on the door early in the morning! Many apartments in Barcelona are privately owned but are rented through an agency.


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How to choose the right location.

This is very important since the neighborhoods in Barcelona vary a lot, and if you choose the right place, this will mark the differences in your visit.

The comments of the different neighborhoods of Barcelona

How to reduce the cost of your accommodation

In the next step we will take a look at the difference between hotels, hostels and pensions. And we will show you how knowing it can help you reduce the cost of your accommodation in Barcelona as recommend bcn luxury apartments barcelona