Could Airsoft Be An Official Sport?

What is Airsoft? Airsoft is a sport above all that requires safety, rules, and governing as do all sports. Airsoft is also a very mature sport and knowledge of common sense and respect is required. Airsoft gives people the ability to own a shooting version of their dream gun. Due to the law and the cost, people cannot always own their dream gun, and Airsoft provides you with a realistic replica, and on top of that allows you to be able to shoot that replica. Airsoft guns are realistic replicas of real firearms. They look and operate almost exactly like the real thing. Due to their relatively cheap price tags and precise realism, movie studios often use Airsoft guns for its production work.

They simply digitally alter the images to incorporate the muzzle flash, sound and effects to mimic the real firearms. Airsoft is also used by some Police Departments as a training tool. Why Play Airsoft? The ability to own and play with these “dream guns” is in and of itself appealing enough to enthusiasts. The added advantage of being able to take these guns out to a local legal playing field and “skimmish” your best friends with it in friendly competition is as good as it gets. Where Can I Play Airsoft? There are two major categories of playing fields, one being an Airsoft field or open land.

Sometimes, the game seems very unbalance and looks just like your average game. You don’t experience the same exciting anticipation as you do in a real competitive sport

To put everything in short terms, airsoft is competitive but lacks a good system to put together an exciting, and professional competitive games.

Our suggestion to the community is to imitate the ranking system from league of legend and apply it to airsoft with minor tweaks. There will be “casual” and “official” competitive games.

You can only be registered for a casual competitive game. Every time your team wins, you gain points and will rank up once you earn enough.

Your Battery

Your battery determines your gun rate of fire. The more voltage your battery contains, the faster your airsoft gun will fire

Some people suggested that more ampere will result in a higher rate of fire. However, your voltage has a more significant effect. Returacan made a whole video exposing the influence of voltage and ampere on your airsoft gun rate of fire

Having a higher rate of fire will put more stress onto your gun, especially your gearbox. Be wary of what material was used to make your airsoft gun

If you are going for a 30-40RPS, then your gun should at least be made out of polymer, and your gearbox should compose of mostly metal parts. More at

Wear Full Body Protection

Unless you are perfectly capable of handling flesh wounds that could take weeks to heal, you should wear cloth protection from head to toes

Cover your ears and head with a beanie, a long sleeve shirt for your arms, gloves for your hands, jean for your legs, a lower face mask for your mouth and nose, and a scarf for your neck. Leave no skin exposed to the BBs

Also, you might want to wear boots when you’re playing outdoors for those up-hills climbs you might have to do. It’s like doing mini-hiking in airsoft.

Open-carry is also Prohibited

Exposing airsoft guns openly in public is also restricted

The law defines public places as streets, driveways, alleys, parks, plazas, bridges and buildings open to the general public

The exception to the rule is carrying guns which are entirely different and brightly colored

The Phone Guy

When the game gets intense, some people somehow find the motivation to pull out their phone and text their friends/family?

What’s on their mind? It’s not like they’re going to die and need to leave a final dying message.

Another case is when you and your team is about to breach a room, and one of your guy stop just to take a selfie?

Jokes aside, using your phone during an airsoft game is just not productive and helpful to the team. Put it away and focus on the match. Extra details on TheAirsoftSport Blog.