Free arcade games to improve your logic

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Play Cool Math Games – Puzzle, Brain Teasers, Logic and more! Here are few of the best free math game sites for homeschoolers, arranged in no particular order. These are games to play on your desktop computer – not apps for a mobile device.

Games are one feature of the entire system of teaching multiplication offered at The games all center around memorizing the multiplication tables, so they are not arranged any other way than my theme. However, you can select a single math problem and get games that cover it. (It would be nice if you could select multiple problems, but that is not an option.)

On this site, the games are neatly organized along a yellow horizontal strip: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Integers, Decimals, Money, Fractions, Time and other non-math topics.

The games are moderately engaging and do a good job of focusing on the math skills being reviewed or taught. You can play even more math and logic arcade games at, where you can find 100’s of fun, instant play in browser, math, logic and brain teaser arcade games. With new games every week, Hoodamath always has something new to offer in the categories of geometry and arithmetic. This site makes learning interesting with a variety of different games and topics. Beyond fact recognition, this site helps children apply math concepts into the real world with games like Real Estate Fun, Inn Keeper, and Cargo Math.

Learn about math, science, language, geography, history, arts, sports and more on this fun site that offers trendy games and graphics that appeal to a wide audience. From the farm, to the ocean, to outer space, and from preschool to 8th grade, every learner will find something new to explore!

Separated by grade level, Mr. Nussbaum’s website has games that encourage young learners to practice graphing, rounding, multiplication, other math facts, and many more topics. Sports-themed games that reinforce important math concepts will appeal to boys and girls, and students of all ages.